Ole Lynggard has it’s headquarters in Hellerup, Denmark. A new and updated canteen was needed and CEO Søren Lynggaard saw potential in an old garage on the property. 


The garage is currently being used for storage and it fits the project perfectly. The only downside is the complete lack of daylight. Rønne Arkitekter was assigned to come up with a solution to the daylight problem.

I was contacted by Christian Rønne to simulate different lighting scenarios and to create concept images, based on the design ideas for the final interior look.

Christian Rønne

(Skylight test. 110cm vs 140cm opening)

What was done and why

The main element of the new canteen is a 16m long skylight that allows daylight to illuminate the space. The big question was how wide it should be.

To get a good understanding of how the light would behave under different skylight widths, several images were made. A 140cm wide opening was chosen to allow for the optimal amount of daylight.

With the skylight in place, I helped Søren and Christian visualize their ideas for the interior design concept. The final 3D visualizations can be seen below.

(Final 3D visualizations)


The 3D visualizations were a crucial piece of supporting material in regards to the overall design. Without the images, it would not be possible to precisely predict how the different skylight options would illuminate the canteen. 

It also helped in the decision of material selection, lighting fixture positions and overall design changes.

Get the client on board with your ideas.