Johannes Torpe Studios were invited to give a proposal for the development of a nature bath project located near a geothermal well in the area of Eiðhús, Iceland. 

I was asked to deliver a set of exterior images that would strengthen the 2000m² project’s concept and story.

Johannes Torpe Studios

(Mood boards from Johannes Torpe Studios)

What was done & why

The proposal mimics the Icelandic saga of Bard and his journey to the center of the earth, but with a twist. This experience is a journey to the center of the self where you go through a process of self-discovery while escaping “reality”.


The Icelandic nature is extreme and breathtaking. It holds a certain type of mystic qualities, which was important to capture in the images. This was done by bringing in key elements from the local area in the form of:


  • The sleeping volcano Snæfellsjökull
  • Phenomena as the Aurora Borealis (Northern light)
  • Strong fog and atmosphere


One of the big challenges were to depict how the architecture of such a big project, would blend with the surroundings of the site – while still giving the viewer the ability to understand what was going on.


The jagged shapes, earthy tones and reflecting glass all mirrors the environment and makes for a future iconic architectural addition to the area.

(Final 3D visualizations)


Volcanos, fog, mystic, lagoon, Iceland… Come on! This project was a blast to do. It was really easy to be drawn in by Kit’s presentation of the project and the material and feedback the studio provided along the way, was spot on.

The project is now being displayed on several architecture and design sites.

Client Testimonial
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