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We take pride in getting to know our clients and their projects. Through honest conversations and a transparent process, we strive to build a great relationship with you and instill a sense of certainty that the project will be handled professionally and on schedule every time.

Jens Suhr Andersen
Architect & Founder

Giving Back

One of the things, that has helped us get to where we are, is the many online resources available from other creatives to learn from.


We  want to provide other passionate learners with knowledge, how-to’s and articles regarding architectural visualization as well as being active on numerous of the industry’s fora.

You can follow this journey on the BLOG.


Below you’ll find my general process. It gives a solid understanding of how I’ll handle your project.

Receiving a Request
Consultation & Agreement
Design Process
Image Delivery

Receiving a Request

Receiving a Request


Every project starts with you filling out a short questionnaire with a few basic project related questions. This gives me a quick overview of the task and allows me to get a feeling for the project type.


I now have a general understanding of your needs. My response addresses the topics covered in the questionnaire and leads us into the consultation phase.

Consultation & Agreement

Consultation & Agreement


When you have received my reply to your initial contact we will go through any questions you might have and come to a mutual understanding about what your project needs.

Defining Roles

To ensure a smooth running assignment, good and open communication is key. It is crucial that we establish trust and have defined who is responsible for what and when.


I don’t charge hourly. Everything must be discussed up front till we have uncovered the best type of content for your project. I can’t answer “how much do you charge” until we have gone through the previous phases.

Proposal & Agreement

After we have completed the consultation phase and have a clear understanding of the goals and terms, you are sent a final document containing the project goals along with the terms of our agreement. When the initial down payment has been received, I will start on the design process.

Design Process

Design Process


With a solid understanding of your project and goals in mind, I will start to explore the spacial/design qualities of the project.


Knowing what to focus on and what is the most important details, I will build up the project in a 3D environment. Based on the look we have discussed I will create a set of drafts for us to talk about.

Drafts & Review Site

You will receive an email with a link to an interactive review site where the drafts will be available throughout the project. This allows us to go through the drafts together via Skype or phone and makes it easy to communicate ideas and decisions.

In-person meetings are possible in the greater Copenhagen area.

The drafts will include everything in the image so we can base our discussion and adjustments on the image as a whole.

The discussed adjustments will be incorporated and I will continue working towards the final high quality deliverables.

Image Delivery

Image Delivery

Final Delivery

Upon completion I will email you the high resolution deliverables. Either as an attachment or via a secure download link.

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