Boll+ and 2L Holding have teamed up with Praksis Arkitekter to convert an old grain silo to modern and exclusive apartments on the docks of the Copenhagen harbour area: Nordhavn.
It’s a high end project featuring 80 apartments and numerous commercial leases. 

Information regarding the project’s interior vision consisted mostly of product catalogs, material references and early stage visuals. The current images didn’t do the high quality of the project any justice, nor did it communicate to potential buyers in a clear and concise way.

Boll+ ApS
2L Holding AS
(The final 3D renders)

What was done and why

Everyday we are bombarded with visual input. For something to capture our attention, it needs to stand out.

A lot of material was available on the project website, but material catalogs and plan drawings may not be enough for the average buyer to make a decision on whether this is the right choice for them or not.

When buying a new home seeing how the kitchen and living room looks like, simply doesn’t cut it. You naturally wonder how the entire home comes together. Creating a set of very high quality 3D visualizations showing more rooms with a feel of natural light and a styling that would appeal to the target buyers was key.

To further ease the understanding of the unbuilt, potential buyers was given a new experience in exploring the spaces: a 360 panorama tour.

Try for yourself:

Opens in a new window. Click on the doorways to move between rooms.


We are visual beings. We are quick to form our opinion on what we see. For better or worse.

Investing in great images that are true to the project goals and relates to the target audience, will reduce doubt and questions about the space, quality and feel of it. You are able to upgrade your marketing material for web, print and social media and stand out and grab attention in a saturated market.  

It contributes to a more professional appearance and creates a faster turn around.

Get an unique advantage when marketing your off the plan project.