Kalmar-Living wanted to provide a more luxurious offer to their catalog of standard houses. They enlisted Emil Thorup to come up with a more exclusive identity for a new type of houses that would still fit their trusted building process.

The house is located North of Copenhagen in a vacation home area and is the first edition for their new Nordic Noir series. It would take nearly a year to complete.

Being able to market a new type of housing design, usually requires that construction has finished, everything is decorated and a photographer has been on the location. The amount of time it takes to achive this, is very undesirable. The sooner you can get publicity and attract attention to your project, the better – though when you get that attention it should display a great look and reflect your brand values.

Emil Thorup
Architect & Entrepreneur


(Facade drawings of the house)

What was done and why

To get marketing imagery available as soon as possible, drawings and reference materials were made available through Emil Thorup (the architecht). Since the house was being designed for a specific lot it was important for it to be shown in the right context. Via aerial footage and elevation data, the surroundings could also be fully integrated in the 3D model.

Custom materials and even furniture were created in this specific case as it strengthens the architect’s vision of the completed project.

(Completed 3D visualizations)


The goal was to have highly realistic images to showcase the new housing type as complete as possible – way before the real completion. This would allow the sales group to pitch the new housing design almost a year in advance to potential clients and also give the marketing division new and stronger material to create exposure and gain interest for the project.

For others to even take a glance at a product, they need to be visually persuaded first. Even if the solution sounds perfect, a push towards great images will go a long way in convincing buyers.

Don’t wait on construction to finish, build awareness now.